NBTec B - series

NBTec B - series EC systems operate in a batch mode. These products are designed to be used where the volume (or flow) of the water to be treated is low, for example in agricultural applications, areas of dispersed settlement, and for treatment of small amounts of various types of industrial wastewaters. The maintenance interval of these systems is designed to be several months, but it depends on the type of the treated waters. All of our batch process products are designed to be easy, safe and cost effective to use.

NBTec B - series - factory models

  • B/100
  • B/1000
  • B/3500
  • B/10000

(The last number stands for the EC vessel volume in litres.)

Additional features

  • Remote monitoring
  • Automation
  • Continuous working mode
  • Different kinds of meters (pH, conductivity, water flow, etc.)

NBTec C - series

NBTec C-series is based on the application of a continuous (and automated) working mode. These products are based on an innovation (patent proposal has been submitted) made by NBTec Oy. Our patent makes our product very efficient to use and easy to adjust compared to other EC devices on the market. These products are designed for treatment of large volumes of water/wastewater, for example surface waters containing humic substances and/or nutrients, oily wastewaters, mining wastewaters, and various kinds of industrial wastewaters.

The maintenance interval of these systems depends on the type of water to be treated and it can vary from a few weeks to several months. These products can be used in parallel to increase treatment capacity. All of our continuous process products are designed to be easy, safe and cost effective to use.

NBTec C-series - factory models

  • C/1
  • C/10
  • C/30
  • C/100
  • C/300

The last number stands for maximum theoretical treatment volume per hour (m3/h).

Basic features

  • Automation
  • Continuous working mode
  • Flow meter
  • Gas meter (for H2)

Additional features

  • Remote monitoring
  • Different kinds of meters (pH, conductivity, etc.)

We can also design and produce customized products of different sizes and/or shapes in the NBTec B- or NBTec C-series.

Strengths of our products

Customers advantages

  • EC is a technology, which has been studied widely and is reliable

  • Company’s own research (patent submitted)

  • Small size compared to treatment capacity

  • Functional pH range of EC is wide, pH adjustment is typically unnecessary

  • Chemical additions are not needed, preventing secondary pollution

  • Simplicity of equipment, small number of moving parts

  • Low energy consumption (utilization of renewable energy is possible)

  • EC works well for both cold (under 5 °C) and warm (over 50 °C) waters

  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly water purification technology

  • Our customers can concentrate on their main businesses

  • Modularity and scalability of the EC process

  • Mobile systems

  • Possibility to operate EC without access to electric grids and sewers, for example on remote islands and in disaster areas
  • Services

    Our business model also essentially includes providing services, which include the following:

    NBTec Quick test

    Customer sends a water sample with a volume of about 10 liters to NBTec Oy at their own expenses. We will then test the applicability of EC treatment using a laboratory-scale EC device working in batch mode. The customer will be sent photographs via e-mail of the water before and after EC treatment. The price of NBTec Quick test is 300 € including an approximation (unoptimized process) of the operational costs of EC and a short explanation of the results of the test.

    NBTec Feasibility study

    The customer sends at least about 200 liters of water / wastewater to NBTec Oy at their own expenses. This water will be experimented on using at least four different test setups: batch-EC (aluminium anode), batch-EC (iron anode), continuous-mode EC (aluminium anode) and continuous-mode EC (iron anode). Conductivity and pH of the water sample will also be measured. If the conductivity of the water sample is not sufficient, testing will also be made to investigate the need and effect of salt (NaCl) addition on the EC process and process economy.

    Samples of the EC-treated water will be sent to an accredited test laboratory for analytics. The following standard parameters will be analyzed: pH, conductivity, Al or Fe (depending on the anode material used), COD, TOC and SS. In addition to these, the customer can choose two additional parameters to be analyzed from among the following: turbidity, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, a given metal/other element. Analyzing of further additional parameters will cost 50 € / parameter. After the EC tests, a compact report will be written about them. The report includes photographs, analytical data as well as their short discussion, and also an approximation of operational costs of EC (for both batch and continuous processes). The report will be submitted to the customer via e-mail.

    The delivery time of the feasibility study is 1 – 2 months depending on the analytics and its cost is 5600 €. If desired by the customer, this study can be carried out as a so-called Modified NBTec Feasibility study. In this case, the content and price of this study will be negotiated with the customer case-specifically.

    Maintenance services

    We provide maintenance services so that our customers can concentrate on their main businesses while the functionality of our equipment will be ensured by us. We offer our customers a fixed monthly or annual price on the maintenance, depending on the type of pollutants contained by the wastewater, the volume of water to be treated as well as the desired treatment efficiency. This information can be attained from the NBTec Feasibility study.

    Other research and customer projects

    This category includes all other research and project work related to water and wastewater treatment, i.a. consultation and education related to EC, design of EC systems as well as various sampling and analytical services. Additionally, we also offer expert services related to other fields of the environmental sector, especially utilization of industrial byproducts and waste materials (e.g. biomasses, bio-ashes, paper mill sludge, digester sludge etc.).