NBTec Oy was founded in 2015, based on Ville Kuokkanen's work in his doctoral thesis. Our line of business is to design, build and sell water treatment systems. All our present products are based on electrocoagulation (EC) technology. We also provide consulting services related to this area, as well as to other fields of the environmental sector (e.g. related to utilization of industrial byproducts and waste materials).

Our main purpose is to produce ecological, economical and material efficient products for water and wastewater treatment, for example for industrial and agricultural usage.


Our main technology is electrocoagulation (EC). In electrocoagulation, anode metal (aluminium or iron) is electrochemically dissolved. Simultaneously, hydrogen gas and hydroxide ions are electrogenerated at the cathode. The pollutants will then be separated from the water/wastewater by the metal and the gas bubbles in the form of sludge.


NBTec Oy has two distinct product lines, which comprise suitable EC-based solutions for treatment of a wide range of different types of waters and wastewaters:

NBTec B - series

Products operated in a batch mode.

NBTec C - series

Automated products operated in a continuous mode.


We offer different kinds of consulting and research services mainly related to water and wastewater treatment, for example:

Different kinds of analyses


EC-pretesting with laboratory-scale equipment

Maintenance services for our EC-products

Consulting related to designing EC-based water treatment plants

Expert services in other fields of the environmental sector


Centre for Environment and Energy (CEE)

Suomen ympäristökeskus (SYKE)

Oulu Mining School (OMS)

University of Oulu


December 2017

NBTec's first continuous EC-product delivered and tested

NBTec delivered and tested our first continuous EC-product (a pilot-system with a treatment capacity of about 0,5 – 1,0 m3/h) to our customer (Oulu Mining School, OMS). NBTec and OMS are current-ly discussing further plans regard-ing the usage of the EC-system.

November 2017

Our second pilot project ended (a continuous EC-system)

Our second customer project (field/development research conducted at a Finnish peat bog) ended and a report was delivered to our customer. A continuous pilot EC-system built in a shipping container by NBTec was used in these experiments.

October 2016

NBTec participated in Kasvu Open final at Jyväskylä

NBTec participated in the finals of Kasvu Open competition at Jyväs-kylä. More information at:

November 2015

Our first pilot project ended (a batch EC-system)

Our first customer project (field research conducted at a Finnish peat bog) ended and a report was delivered to our customers. The product used was a batch EC-system sold by NBTec (volume of 1,7 m3).


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Research Director
Toivo Kuokkanen

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Veli-Pekka Metsävainio

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